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Lazy Docs Ltd

28 Lynton Rd.

Chesham, Bucks HP5 2BU

Phone 0845 6446 700


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Lazy Works

Text Box: Lazy Works will accommodate almost all scanners directly, or if preferred, the scanner manufacturer’s own software can be used to scan directly into Lazy Work’s index list.
Text Box: Lazy Works can be updated in a few seconds over the Internet or from an internal network location. 
Despite all these features (and many more), Lazy works is amazingly affordable..
For prices Call 0845 6446 700 (Local Rate)
Or Mail  Enquiries@LazyDocs.com
Text Box: Ease of Use
Lazy Works was designed for both speed and ease of use. The controls are designed to be intuitive in normal use. Most users find they can use the product to retrieve documents even before training.
Text Box: Scanning and indexing
Although Lazy Works can automatically detect and import new electronic files of any type, including scans, a built in scanning facility is included for convenience.
Text Box: Documentation
Lazy works is fully documented in PDF. Format. This can be printed if required, but the electronic format gives bookmarks which can be used to jump to all parts of the document.
Text Box: Scanning and indexing new documents is also both simple and quick. Fields can be set to default to various functions, including File name date, user, OCR or barcode. The image can be made to zoom in to the relevant part for each field, or fields can be automatically populated from an external database. If required.